The Universim - Happy Patch Notes

Greetings, Creators!

Patch time! We’ve spent the last month cleaning and optimizing our in-game simulation engine, Prometheus, to give you a far smoother experience, especially at later stages of the game. We have also started preparing the platform for modern age buildings that will start rolling out with the next major patch. We’ll discuss that closer to the time, so stay tuned!


Patch Highlights


Nuggola Tesla Quest

This patch introduces a new mechanic to quests with the addition of the Nuggola Tesla Quest. Previously, quests did not feel rewarding enough. As a result, we added a little something extra to this one to provide a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Successfully completing the quest will reward you with an immediate unlock of the next electricity-related Research Perk. The quest also includes multiple objectives for the first time.


New Happiness System

We are slowly progressing away from micromanagement to allow for more macro-level interaction. Happiness is the very first step in this direction, as it was previously tied to individual Nuggets. If a Nugget was upset, they would refuse to perform important tasks, which became annoying with so many Nuggets running around.

The new system works on a more macro level, relying on different factors such as: available buildings, current events, and how you use your Creator Powers. You can view how much each building affects Happiness by checking the information in the building’s panel/construction menu. We hope this system leads to a far more enjoyable experience, as we believe it gives you more control over what used to be a slightly unwieldy system.  

Happiness is divided into 5 states: Miserable, Unhappy, Indifferent, Happy, and Overjoyed. Each level has a particular status effect associated with it. For example, an overjoyed civilization will have a bonus to research speed, twin birth rates, and Creator Point generation.  



We have added subtitles to ensure absolutely everyone can enjoy the little tidbits, comments, and advice that the Narrator has to offer. We have added more than 900 lines of subtitles in this patch. Happy reading!


Medieval Watchtower

The Stone Age Defense Tower finally received a medieval upgrade!  It was a little lonely. Watchers will feel a little safer behind the improved walls of the Medieval Watchtower..


Medieval Fishing Hut

Another upgrade! The Medieval Fishing Hut is here. Too long have Nuggets struggled to fill their tiny boats with fish to feed the hungry masses. Seafood will become more plentiful with the medieval upgrade.


Medieval Scaffolds

We have added new visual elements to construction sites to improve their overall aesthetic in the Medieval Era. Previously, Nuggets relied solely on rocks and a few sticks when building, but multiple generations of injuries has led to the invention of medieval scaffolding.



The Governance Perk has received its much-anticipated extension: Shifts. Where Nuggets were once incredibly disorganized, the government has stepped in to offer some order. Nuggets will now be assigned shifts and alternate working times with other Nuggets to improve efficiency. After their shifts, Nuggets will be able to perform all of their daily needs, like eating, recreation, and sleeping. There’s a day and night shift, so have fun deciding who gets which.

Exile Village Additions

Exile Villages have received a bit of love as well. Two new events have been added:


Exile Priests

Exile Orators

Exile Villages have learned that fighting isn’t always the best solution to their problems, as that involves too much cleanup, so they’ve devised a way to spread chaos within your civilization that does not involve a frontal assault. Once Priests infiltrate your city, they will begin converting your Believers into Non-Believers, which will lead to them leaving to join the Exiles. Keep a watchful eye for Nuggets sneaking into your civilization with robes and staffs.

Orators, on the other hand, are more of a pest than a direct threat. They like to make a lot of noise and rile up your citizens. It isn’t too bad at first, but your civilization’s Happiness will suffer if you don’t get rid of them.

New Fire System

Meet Fire 2.0! Our previous system was too performance intensive and brought a whole mess of unforeseen problems. As a result, we completely reworked the fire system to fix these issues and smooth out the rough edges. That means you finally have your Fire Power back! However, it’s deadlier than ever, as it can spread wildly and cause Nuggets to flee in terror (they now react to it!). They will actively avoid fire, as any semi-functional being would, but they may not be able to outrun the hungry fire monster for long. Remember, fire is not a toy, no matter how much fun it is to play with. It can and will destroy your civilization. That probably won’t stop you, though.

Performance Optimizations

Smooth sailing! A lot of work has been done under-the-hood, which has increased and stabilized the overall frame rate. This will be most noticeable in the late-game, where the frames used to take a magnificent dive off a cliff on certain systems.

Decal system optimized to increase overall frame rate.

Nugget and Animal out-of-view culling improved to reduce CPU usage.

Low-frequency updates of Nuggets and Animals are now spread over multiple frames to smooth out the frame rate.


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that allowed players to skip Perks and eventually break the game.

Fixed an issue with tooltips not appearing on upgrade panels.

Fixed an issue where a fresh Exile spawn showed the “became an adult” message.

Fixed an issue with the faith system not ignoring newly exiled Nuggets.

Fixed an AI issue where Hunters would chase prey into water.

Fixed an NRE on load when a construction site was already destroyed but Nuggets still tried to access it for local pathing.

Fixed: Exile deaths showing up in news.

Fixed an NRE with regards to Nugget AI.

Fixed an NRE when Nuggets changing shifts would attempt to access an occupied jobslot (Stone Refinery, Wood Refinery, Hunting Hut).

Fixed an issue with Pre-Medieval Reservoir LOD groups cycling too fast.

Fixed a missing texture for the Mummy Nugget and fishing boat paddles.

Fixed the clear infection quest.

Fixed duplicate Nugget thoughts cluttering panels.

Fixed an issue that prevented players from dropping resources on certain construction sites.

Fixed Nugget list gender icons disappearing when hovering over the row.

Fixed a crash that occurred when loading a game where a Fishing Hut had no water.

Fixed the Nemesis quest.

Fixed resource requirements not matching on the construction popup window.

Fixed an issue where clicking a disaster button would close all panels and open the Forecast panel.

Fixed an issue where the Research window would close when pressing the Construction or  Creator Power menu.

Fixed an issue with the Reservoir tip not triggering.

Fixed an issue with the “Little Baby Nugget” narration playing when a child is spawned for the Find My Lost Nugget quest.

Fixed invisible infection zones.

Fixed an issue where Nuggets were getting stuck inside Fishing Huts.

Fixed quests spamming multiple warnings when loading objectives.

Fixed an issue where stamina effects were stacking.

Fixed an NRE with regards to reserved building spots.

Fixed an issue where the Unhappy Icon was displayed above Exile Nuggets’ heads.

Fixed an issue where the second Fisher Nugget was not accounted for in the Fishing Hut.

Fixed an NRE that was caused by tornadoes.

Fixed missing translation for the believer icon.

Fixed NRE with regards to the ghost outline of buildings. Placing a building on uneven surfaces would sometimes cause an NRE.

Fixed an issue where the Eatery would not reduce the number of raw food units while preparing a meal.

Fixed an NRE caused by construction sites.

Fixed multiple missing translations for Exile Villages.

Fixed an issue where Nuggets would fall through mountains.

Fixed an issue where the Kickstarter Creator Power was not adding a boost to Nuggets.

Fixed an issue where some loose resources on the ground were causing an NRE during Save / Load.

Fixed an exception which was caused by multiple stacked stats of different categories.

Fixed an issue where picking up a Nugget being attacked by a wolf would cause a crash.

Fixed an issue where the lightning strike projector was appearing underground.

Fixed an issue with the cloud projector being too high above the ground.

Fixed an issue where some quest messages were not disappearing.

Fixed an issue where the “Press F to fly” message was appearing randomly.

Fixed an issue where construction sites would show a different amount of required resources than the pop-up panel.

Fixed an issue where Nugget fertility timers were not reset after mating (edge case).


General design / balance changes

Clicking on the attack message will bring you to the location of the event.

News messages added for newly-established Exile Villages. Clicking on the message will take you to the village.

The Trickle Effect Creator Power now refills oceans & Reservoirs. Changed from 1000 -> 5000.

Reworked Jolt of Joy Creator Power in order to accommodate Happiness changes.



Medieval Fishing Pier building added.

Nugget inventor - Nuggola Tesla added as part of the quest.

Tesla quest items added .

Defense Tower Medieval upgrade added.

Scaffolding upgraded to Medieval Era.

Burned tree models improved.

Halloween decorations added to Epicenter.

Nugget- Orator character with accessories added.

Nugget- Orator unique animations added.

Nugget- Priest with accessories+animations added.

Pumpkins added for the Halloween mood :) .

UI Design:

MainUI: added Happiness indicator alongside the Happiness tooltip.

Added Happiness info to the construction menu construction cloud.

Couriers Hut bug fixed where you couldn’t change the building’s name.

Quest window visual updates. Added support for multiple pages.

God light moved to seasons panel.

Nugget ID card update. Removed Happiness slider since it is now a global value. Added Believer status.

Nugget ID card renaming visuals updated.

Almost all building panels have new renaming visuals.

Archive panel - fixed bug where text would leak out of frame.

Arrest this Nugget button added to Nugget ID panel - disabled for this patch.

Removed Mute Narrator button from main UI

Gas Mine shifts added.

Fishing Pier: fixed shifts container - Nugget slots were outside the panel.

Multiple objective support added to quest windows.

8 research Perks have new icons.

Bug report window added to Esc menu.

Construction menu building cloud happiness icon and value added.

Buildings list panel received an additional upgrade column.

Extended Wiki screen title text.

New Believer Icon.

New Research Icons.

Construction menu update. Added cloud renders for defense tower lvl 2 and Fishing pier lvl 3


Dead Nuggets now despawned after some time.

Batteries now retain electricity even without water, but they drain faster in this state.

Added multiple new sounds for buildings and Creator Powers (Gas Plant ambience, Metal Mine ambience, Pump ambience, Wind Turbine ambience, Wind Turbine ambience, Rejuvenate Creator Power sound effect).

Updated Music Controller for better performance.

Refactored Quest triggering system.


Known Issues

We will continue to monitor and investigate any Save & Load issues that may occur. The save system is enormously complicated, largely due to it needing to save tens of thousands of procedural objects and simulations. Please note that older save games will not work in the latest version of the game. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, but the addition of new features and optimizations will require you to start a new game.

Potential issues with Exile Villages. This is a massive new system that will require further testing and development. Please report any bugs you discover on our forums.

Subtitles may require some adjustment in certain conditions.

As always, thanks for being absolutely amazing! If you haven’t yet, be sure to sign up for updates and special offers (we never spam). Please leave us your thoughts and comments down below.  We hope you love the patch!

All the best,
The Crytivo Crew


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