A New Age of Play starts here

The Crytivo Store is a Premium Games Distribution Platform that offers a boutique-like experience for our fans.


Crytivo at Gamescom 2017

For the fans

Beyond offering a friendly and helpful support system, we ensure that games launching on the Store adhere to our fans-first criteria. This criteria explicitly bans the use of exploitative microtransactions, loot boxes, and day-one DLC in full-priced games.

For our fellow developers

The oversaturated state of the games market makes it particularly difficult for certain developers to get noticed. Our goal is to provide a pedestal upon which great games can get discovered and receive the attention they deserve.

In this way, Crytivo aims to offer the perfect environment for both fans and developers to call home.

Crytivo Coins

With every purchase you make, you also receive a few Crytivo Coins to help you get started on your next adventure. They can be redeemed for discounts on future game purchases, which really adds up for returning fans. Once you hop aboard the reward train, it never stops! Crytivo covers the full expense of Crytivo Coin transactions. This means that developers don’t lose out on a single penny!

Premium Support

Our friendly support crew will be more than happy to assist you with any problems or queries related to the Crytivo Store or our products. We have both Live Chat and traditional email support for your convenience. Have a question? Fire away! However, we will not be able to assist you with your homework or spreadsheets.

Unhappy with a purchase? Let’s fix that.

Our flexible 15-day refund policy acts as the perfect remedy for buyer’s remorse. Does a game refuse to run on your system? Have you been fighting errors for too long? Did a title fail to meet your expectations? Contact us and we’ll sort it out!

Quality over quantity

Our philosophy is that of achieving the utmost quality when it comes to our games, and that extends to how we select games for the Crytivo Store. We review every application carefully to ensure it meets our standards and fits into our ideology.

A pedestal for great games

In this vast and oversaturated ocean of games, we see far too many stunning titles being overshadowed by the industry’s whales or buried beneath the constant stream of pollution. We want to offer great games a pedestal upon which they can receive some of the spotlight and get discovered.

Fans-First Criteria

Beyond offering fans great rewards, we also ban the use of exploitative practices in games on the Crytivo Store. If you pay for a game on our store, you are guaranteed that it does not contain microtransactions, gambling loot boxes, or sketchy DLC. You receive the full package, not some kind of expensive gumball dispenser.

Development made easy

Setting up your project on the Crytivo Store is an absolute breeze. We can provide you with the right tools and expertise, regardless of what development stage you are in. Not only that, our designers will work with you to ensure we capture your vision for the game’s store page. You also have access to our friendly support crew, who will do their best to make your stay as pleasant as possible.